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Deep Astrology Weekly Horoscope All Sign October 8-14 2019 Full Moon in Aries, Venus in Scorpio

And since Venus is always the love planet, in your platonic third house, she might overstep a boundary. Keeping the romantic wheels greased takes effort, but as you know, it's so worth it!

Key Dates:

Passion is the name of your game this weekend as the year's only Aries full moon sends a jolt of electricity through your eighth house of intimacy, seduction and soul-merging on Sunday. Full moons bring completions or pivots, and a simmering attraction could reach a tipping point over the coming two weeks peak manifesting time for this lunation. No one on the romantic radar?

This trailblazing Aries lunar lift suggests you might find more suitable prospects by fishing in fresh waters. Ask friends to make thoughtful introductions, start going to more group hangs and cultural activities and not being shy about chatting up strangers.

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Capricorn rules your third house of communication, and peacekeeper Venus retrograde here until January 31 can cause tense exchanges or misunderstandings. Coupled Scorpios will need to be a little kinder, and single Scorpios might want to flirt with more discretion, as your judgment could be a little bit off.

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Scorpio Horoscope (October 23 to November 22)

Retrogrades bring back the past, so an ex could resurface out of the blue, or an old issue could flare up for couples. Take extra measures to speak directly without being accusatory. Dream big, Scorpio! Enterprising Jupiter splits the year between Cancer and Leo, two of the more success-driven parts of your chart. Jupiter is in Cancer, your ninth house of travel, study and entrepreneurship, until July New horizons beckon, and this could be the year that you launch that startup, earn a degree or rack up serious frequent flyer miles.

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