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In fact, I intend to travel to Europe next year to study art. Yet, what would idealism be without wisdom to temper it — or seeking be without caution to guide it? And so it goes. What the two of them need is a Lion to give them- a good lecture, a Ram to demand that they stop fussing, a Libra to listen sympathetically and fairly to both sides of their complaints, and perhaps a Pisces to teach both of them some much needed lessons in humility.

Neither counts humility as a great virtue. Sagittarius barely understands the word, and Capricorn only appears to be humble. Beneath the apparent Saturnine self-effacement is a certain ingrained sureness on every subject, except perhaps — personal worth. These two are usually miles apart in their viewpoints concerning money.

The Best Love Match for Capricorns

Many Goats have more than one, in several banks. Nevertheless, Sag should take it easy. Saturn-ruled Capricorns are excellent instructors of necessary lessons to the impulsive and outspoken of this world. At first glance, Sagittarians do seem to push Capricorns around. Go ahead, push. It is possible that you may have visions of the future while you sleep. It is possible that you will have a partnership with a person that is interested in subjects that you either are disinterested in or have never experienced.

Another option is that you are devoted to a project or foundation that irks those closest to you. It is also possible that you will waste your resources or appear pompous. A tendency to over-indulge in sensuous pleasures, especially fine food and drink, can create challenges in your health.

Be mindful of your weight and of any issues with your circulatory system. Life will easily bestow you with the things you need and this causes you to be unappreciative of them, as well as lazy. This placement attempts to teach you to find equilibrium between the possessions you desire and spiritual idealism. The beliefs you hold will likely be challenged and you may need to rethink your values. Emotionally dramatic, you can be prone to leaping into love without looking carefully first.

Your amorous emotions may be drawn in by material assets or prestige. However, despite the troubles you encounter, you are generally a warm, giving individual that will always be there to lend a helping a hand to those that require it. You withhold judgement when helping others and people are instinctively aware of this. A harmonious environment is important to you and therefore you would prefer to be accepting of the flaws found in others rather than create tension. Nonetheless, you must be careful not to skirt important issues just to evade conflict or keep from hurting others emotionally; some things need to be said.

Work on your assertiveness in order to make sure you are taken care of and respected. Out-going and social, you strongly prefer the company of others to being alone, as spending too much time on your own makes you feel uneasy. You are able to be diplomatic while remaining popular.

2-12 Pattern

Developing self-discipline will be beneficial for you. Musical pieces will stimulate a fantastical world inside of your mind that you will happily enjoy for hours on end, peacefully tuning the world out. You are idealistic in your romances and hold to the belief that there is only one true mate for you with whom you can live happily ever after.

Luckily, you are able to entertain these dreams while at the same time staying realistic in your day-to-day life without being swept up by it all. You have a strong sympathy to those who are suffering and reach out to aid them when you are able. Naturally you are a generous person and helping others is satisfying to you on a deep level. You insist on doing what is right for mankind, keeping your personal ego at bay. It may be difficult for you to lead others or start a course of action due to your dislike of creating conflict.

You will do a lot for the people you love and do not require repayment of your kindness. You feel that there is another world out there that we simply cannot see and enjoy being around other creative or sensitive people with whom you can delve further into the mystics. Gospel harmonies tend to affect you intensely when you listen to them, and you know that you have touched a piece of another life.

You are likely to have musical talent, possibly vocally. Those who will aid you in the spiritual wisdom and evolution that you had begun in a past life are likely to be drawn to you in this one. This pull is so strong that you feel as if it is almost uncontrollable. The craving you feel for intense experiences makes it difficult for you to reject these situations. You require a great deal of love and may over-indulge in your sexuality or become obsessed or difficult to satisfy.

There is a double standard in your relationships as you are extremely envious and try to possess those you are interested in, while expecting that they give you freedom to do as you please. This can lead to inequality in your partnerships. Your attempts to control your partner will often lead them to pull away from you. A major challenge for you in your partnerships is that you insist on being the one in control of the relationship but always seem to be drawn to those who prefer to take the same role, leading to both of you constantly struggling for dominance. You would rather experience trouble if it means that you will also experience intense emotions, than to have a conflict-free, steady partnership that never reaches the high frequency you desire.

You need to feel something powerful in order to feel as though you are truly living. Your lesson is to take a good hard look at your beliefs and alter them accordingly. Your partnerships give you an opportunity to confront deep issues inside yourself and grow in wisdom. It is for this reason that you are drawn to those that are a challenge for you. The only way for you to grow is for you to experience the same behaviour you exhibited to others in a past life, back towards yourself in this one. You have an opportunity to remedy your past karma if you are able to react in kindness rather than vengeance.

Learn to let things go. When you have cleansed your past karma and grown in wisdom, you will notice that you will no longer be attracting people who will create havoc for you. This placement denotes that you are able to move forward from previous malicious behaviours. In regards to your health, you are likely to be susceptible to kidney trouble or issues with removing toxic material from your system.

If the system is unable to remove toxic material, you may find yourself dealing with lung complications or trouble with the skin.

Capricorn Man And His Traits

Finding a way to let go of negative emotions that are toxic to your spiritually, and foster kindness and forgiveness towards others, can help your physical health. Others are drawn to you even if you are not stereotypically good-looking, though you often are. Your personality is vibrant and you are easy to be with, gaining you much popularity.

You keep your emotions fairly steady and low-key, which can be very attractive to the opposite sex. There is a part of you that likes to play match-maker and you could easily put others together in a fantastic way, creating harmonious pairings that last. You are driven by an amorous nature with a fondness for all things beautiful, yearning to channel your passion into creativity of any form.

This placement denotes a charismatic magnetism that others respond to.

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Being alone for too long does not do you well and you prefer to be socially active, happily engaging with other people. You have a strong craving to express yourself affectionately and for this warmth to be reciprocated. Your vitality is apparent to others and people find you alluring. Romantic relationships are likely to flourish as you are aware of what you desire in a mate and are able to convey these feelings clearly.

You do not hide your intentions, but rather take a direct, honest approach in these matters. However, you will avoid conflict if you can do so as you dislike disharmony. You invest much effort to understanding your feelings. You insist on knowing the secrets of others though you will tend to keep your deepest emotions, wants, and intentions to yourself. Working out of the limelight suits you as you prefer to work alone, without anyone meddling in your business. You have a tendency towards envious, possessive behaviour that can become obsessive and you may treat others as objects to be controlled; you like things to go YOUR way.

You crave to be acknowledged for your skills and wish to be respected as an expert in your field. You admire powerful leaders who exude a charismatic and magnetic presence and you try to emanate their persona. It is important for you to learn to allow others to guide you as you can be stubborn, insisting that you do everything your way, however this only stifles your development. Fate tries to force you to learn these lessons by putting people in your life that will reflect your damaging behaviours towards you.

The more you insist on sticking to your old ways, the more intense these lessons will become.

Love compatibility by zodiac you never knew

You are extremely confident, believing that you are never wrong. Others feel intimidated by you and may attack you before you can do them any damage. You have an obsession with death and the unknown. You enjoy creating though are never happy with the things you create, always reconstructing them or throwing them out entirely. Manipulation comes easily to you and you are quite skilled at asserting your control over others in a way where they are none the wiser. You truly believe in yourself and your talents, feeling certain that you can handle whatever challenges you encounter in life.

You know you have the ability to overcome whatever trouble lies ahead and will even conquer your own inner demons if need be. Inside, you are a force to be reckoned with and are exceptionally strong, persevering, and resourceful. Those who skirt their responsibilities, do not stand up for themselves, or evade their troubles will never gain your respect and you think very little of them. Highly intuitive, you are perceptive in discovering the truth about the situation at hand.

Try to be lenient with others, as not everyone can be as strong-willed as you. Allow people to do as they may, rather than trying to control their lives. Transform your own negative qualities before trying to change others. Do not abuse the power that you have or karma will see you pay for it in the end. Keep in mind that you get back what you put in. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage?

The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Aries are assertive, brave, excitable, self-sufficient, inspiring, innovative, strong-willed, spontaneous, hasty, egotistical, overly focused on themselves, and often lacking in patience learn about compatibility with Aries here. They have a talent in managing others and establishing, coordinating, and controlling endeavours. However, though they will be the first to start on a project, they are often the first to leave it as well.

Arians must be mindful not to rush ahead before thinking things through thoroughly. They can achieve incredible feats if only they can learn to channel their energies constructively. An Aries will be innately energetic and excited to engage in action and contest, which can be motivating to others. They are brave and never lacking in interesting new concepts to establish. Vitality is one of their greatest strengths. They need to allow others an opportunity to shine as well, rather than insisting that they themselves do it all.

Learning to collaborate can create many opportunities for Aries, as this may counter their difficulty in seeing their assignments through to the end. Developing patience during moments where their interest in a project wavers can be crucial to their success. Arians have a direct, no-nonsense approach. They will clearly state exactly what they are thinking and feeling, leaving nothing to be assumed or misconstrued.

Arians may have a quick temper, but once they have expressed the inner rage, they will tend to forgive and forget. They prefer to say things straight out than to keep them inside, though at times the initial blast of their emotions is violently intense. Let them blow up and brace yourself during the explosion, it will not last long.

An Aries will always pursue what they desire, though at times they will lose interest in the object they were pursuing once they have acquired it. Regardless, Arians will be taking the lead in their romantic endeavours. They are prone to head pain due to internal pressure and friction. Arians must mind their temper, build their tolerance, cultivate a way to save their strength, and learn to finish what they start; waiting is a natural part of project development, and they will be unsuccessful without it accepting this fact. You are warm, considerate, amiable, positive, balanced, and socially pleasing.

You are a wonderful companion to your mates and are gifted at making others feel cared for and at ease. While you are quite the people person, you are also very logical and rational, with good decision-making abilities, if only you could make up your mind. You enjoy artistic pursuits, especially that which may incorporate music; you may be interested in working as an entertainer.

Social relationships are a necessity for you and you abhor any sort of conflict, especially emotionally. What you long for is harmonious interactions where you feel things are evenly balanced. You dislike manual labour and prefer to stick to white-collar professions. At times you may sacrifice things that are important to you just to keep the harmony or you may become elusive, where others cannot seem to get an answer from you one way or another; indecision can become a major problem for you.

Inwardly you may be at war with yourself although you do not let others see this.

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Coming to a conclusion about something is challenging because you easily comprehend the different angles of each situation and wish to be just to each consideration. Be sure that you uphold your own values. You communicate in a leisurely but purposeful manner. You are unlikely to alter your frame of thought once you have decided on it. You are diligent, reasonable, systematic, and conventional in your everyday endeavours, possessing much tolerance in seeing projects to their completion. It is possible that it takes you a lengthy amount of time to comprehend material, though this is only because you prefer to learn things thoroughly instead of rushing through them and once you have understood them, they stick in your mind forever.

Persistence and determination are some of your greatest assets. You easily continue building on what others have initiated, particularly if there are concrete outcomes that you are able to observe. Your success is more reliant on your ability to focus and persevere, than it is on mental genius. It is likely that you are involved with some sort of creative endeavour; possibly you are musically or artistically inclined. Your voice is probably quite pleasing and you may use this significantly in your career somehow. Practicality is second nature to you.

Venus naturally craves partnerships, socialising, warmth, and love, while Aries is direct, commanding, and a strong leader. These two combined will bestow you with a tendency towards pursuing your relationships with great fervour. Your emotions are quickly ignited and you enthusiastically take charge in social situations and romantic endeavours.

You decide what you want and you go get it. However, be mindful not to pursue interests only for the sake of pursuing them and not because you truly desire them; you often discard the object of your desire once the chase has ended and you have completed your conquest. Therefore, it is likely that your romantic affairs begin in an intense burst of exhilaration and passion, only to temper off into a pale remnant of what they once were. You will always find new pursuits to master, and you will chase them as if going into battle; nothing will dissuade you.

The most negative trait that Venus possesses is the tendency towards people pleasing and becoming overly accommodating for the sake of harmony. Therefore you may find that with this aspect you seek out partners that will insist you accommodate their needs and wishes, forcing you to put your own aside. An Aries Venus placement insists that you are a leader, though do not control, that you are accommodating, though not a doormat.

You are self-sufficient and have a spontaneous style towards romantic involvements. You enjoy competition and may become quarrelsome only for the sake of having a short-lived thrill. You may need to be mindful of the consequences your actions have on others and develop consideration for their needs, instead of always looking out for yourself. Try also to cultivate patience, as your tendency towards haste can become a major obstacle for you.

You hold a large amount of both mental and physical energy. Always on the go, buzzing from one place to another, engaged in your many interests, sometimes you are involved in more than one activity at the same moment! With your lively mentality and curiosity, you require a large amount of stimulation to keep you from getting bored. You seek out new data and love to learn about anything you can get your hands on.

It is also of great fun to you to engage yourself in challenging, competitive conversations with others where you can show off your wit and intelligence. You may find yourself suffering from nervous tensions due to your overly active mind, and it would be beneficial for you to establish some sort of exercise routine to relieve the pressure. You are likely to be animated and expressive, often communicating using your hands.

You probably enjoy working with the hands somehow and it is possible that you do not have a dominant hand preference. At times you can become so excited about an opportunity that you will venture forward without thinking things through; try to slow down long enough to obtain a clear picture of the situation before entering into it. You dislike standing still and may engage yourself in activities that are not necessarily wholesome or beneficial, just for the thrill of having something to do.

Exploring distant lands and cultures is enjoyable to you as you can acquire knowledge from each new situation. There is a tendency towards being prone to accidents involving your arms or shoulders, particularly accidents involving excessive heat. Many times these misfortunes could have been prevented had you been more patient rather than rushing to get things done. It would be best for you to stick to shorter assignments as you work well for brief, intense amounts of time but encounter difficulty if you must sustain your energy and interest for extended periods.

Often you will try to multitask, though end up taking on more than you can realistically complete.

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You dislike routine and require diversity in your projects and in your life in general. You are mentally quick and bright and are interested in playing games or somehow testing your mental agility. It is something you absolutely never waste or throw away carelessly. They love it. They adore it. But perhaps generally.. The next, or the Fourth Dimension, is Time itself. Very Einsteinish. Gets into linear conceptuals and that sort of thing. See Leo-Aquarius chapter. The next level after the 4th is logically the 5th.

They have sensible heads on their shoulders. Dimensions, then. Take a shadow. What is a shadow? Yes, that is correct. Cappy is still silent. We have height, width — and depth. Virgo says yes. We are correct. Silence now from both Virgo and Capricorn. Buildings do not have a Supra-Conscious. Like dolls, toy trains and the like.