Number 2 birthday ideas

The length of the party should be no more than 2 hours. And plan the party around your child's nap time so they are as happy and comfortable as possible. If your child naps at 4 then have the part from 1 to 3. As an alternative, morning parties are great for young children.

This age is still too young for most party games. One option is to put out a few toys for the toddlers to have free play and provide space for them to run around. That's pretty much all they need in terms of entertainment.

Kids Party Packages

And unless you want a crying birthday boy or girl on your hands don't put out the birthday child's favorite toys! Another tip for keeping the peace is to have enough supervision. As you know 2 year olds can be picky eaters! The food should be colorful, fun and small portions. Big hits are animal shaped food, bug shaped food and bright colors. Because the kids were in their PJs and it was still early in the day, the party activities were quiet ones smart move!

There was lots of giggling, but eventually one child did win the contest.

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Because the birthday girl loved butterflies, there was also a game where several butterfly-related items were hidden in the hosts' family room and all the guests went hunting for them. Think of it as a drive-in movie minus the cars. The boys floated on rafts while watching a Star Wars movie, and when they wanted a break from the water, they enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream floats. It was so much fun that my girlfriends and I did this for our own get-together a few weeks later and watched the Bridget Jones Diary movies.

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Our refreshments also included margaritas! Idea 4: Messy Party Ages 3 — 8 Messy party themes are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a wonderful opportunity for your kids and their pals to get down and dirty without anyone nagging them to be careful not to spill things or to clean up their mess! For a messy party, set up stations with paint, silly string, play dough, and even cupcake decorating supplies, and let them take turns in small groups going from station to station and getting as messy and creative as they want! If you can take advantage of your backyard, take cheap plastic or canvas tarps and place them over the lawn or the garage floor to protect the grass and floor areas.

Next, let them take inexpensive paint brushes and do a splatter painting on large sheets of craft paper. Once these masterpieces dry, you can mount them on heavier cardstock to create a wonderful memento for guests to take home after the party.

Party Games for 2 year olds

And don't forget to use your smartphones to video all of this messy delight in the making--it will be a favorite memory to look back on for years to come. Idea 5: Outdoor Detective Party Ages 4 - 8 Let your inquisitive children and their buddies get to work with a detective party that plays on their natural curiosities.

After setting up a fake crime scene, lead them through the course and help them seek out clues. Caution tape, Nerf gun shooting, and a detective bag filled with supplies such as plastic tweezers, latex gloves, and the absolute, must-have dark sunglasses will make each partygoer feel like a true detective.

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Modify the type of case you want your little sleuths to solve according to the age group of the guests. Share your thoughts in the comments section at quickanddirtytips. You can also connect with me on Twitter MightyMommy or email me at mommy quickanddirtytips. Visit my family-friendly boards at Pinterest.

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