Marriage prediction vedic astrology

Because Moon is karaka of our mind and how we act and think depends on the position of through houses and zodiacs. Here, Moon when under the influence of planets Venus or Mars can make one very interested towards opposite sex which can also lead to marriage with some person whom you love or adore.

Apart from that check where your Moon is placed and if you see Moon in 5th, 7th or 12th house then there are good chances that you will marry by your own choice. Now we will shift focus our attention towards Jaimini astrology and will keep our eye on Putrakaraka which is the 5th highest degree holder and Darakaraka which is a planet with least degrees excluding Rahu and Ketu. Same results are likely to pass if your Putrakaraka or Darakaraka is making a relationship with the lord of 5th house of natal chart or with planet Mars, Venus or Moon.

Here, your Upapada Lagana comes under the scanner and when Upapada Lagana is occupied by the planet Venus, Mars, Moon or by Putrakaraka or Darakaraka then love marriage is likely to happen. But, It is very important here to apply these steps on navamsa also. A balanced analysis of natal chart and navamsa will give an accurate picture to you. Before ending this article I would like to mention something from my own horoscope.

My natal chart is indicating the same thing where 5th house lord is in 9th house in mutual aspect with ascendant lord Jupiter. Always remember whenever you try to look into combinations for love marriage, do pay attention to the 5th house and its lord. Sometimes despite having other favorable combinations, one may not be able to have a marriage by own choice, if the 5th house or its lord is afflicted in the horoscope.

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Besides this, it is necessary to analyze the 4th house the house of own land and 9th house house of fortune. The involvement of 7th house or its Lord with 12th house boosts the chances to get a foreigner spouse. The North node of Moon, Rahu is the main significator for foreign Land. As marriage with a foreigner was considered against the social norms, the impact of Rahu was also given prime importance. It is very much relevant in the modern era as well.

Early marriage is possible if the 7th House Lord is placed in Kendra or Trikona in the constellation of benefic planets, as per the marriage life prediction. If the 7th house is occupied or aspected by benefic planets and in Shubh Kartari Yoga. If Venus is well placed and in the star of a benefic planet without any afflictions. If the strong Ascendant Lord aspects the 7th house.

Marriage Prediction by Indian Astrology

If the 2nd house, 4th house, and 12th house are free from afflictions. The placement of compulsive and obsessive Rahu in the 7th house can be a reason for early marriage. Jupiter controls marriage, wisdom, and fortune. If Jupiter is retrograde, combusted or debilitated then it may delay marriage. Mangal Dosha is an important factor to be considered while deciding the marital prospects because it can be the cause of late marriage. Saturn and Ketu in the 7th house may also cause late marriage and detachment from the materialistic world. If there is a strong influence of Saturn on Moon, especially if the Moon is weak, marriage may get delayed or may not take place.

If 7th house, its lord, and Venus do not have strength, or under severe malefic influences then also denial of marriage can take place as per astrology.

If there is a severe malefic influence on the 9th house, without any benefic influence, then also marriage Yoga in kundli may have a negative impact. If Saturn is placed with Ketu and Venus then too marriage can be denied. The Yogas must be verified from Navamsa chart as well.

If Venus and Jupiter are severely afflicted, problems in married life can lead to separation. Mangal Dosh may cause verbal or physical fights and quarrel in married life. If Saturn is associated with 7th house or its Lord and placed in evil houses, it will cause severe dissatisfaction in married life. Rahu, if associated with 7th house or its Lord and placed in an evil house, it may cause separation or divorce by astrology prediction. If Ketu is associated with 7th house or its Lord, it may cause dissatisfaction or detachment, which may, in turn, cause divorce as per the horoscope in astrology.

The 2nd house house of family , 4th house house of domestic peace and 12th house house of bed pleasure are afflicted, problems will arise in married life. All the yogas must be analyzed in Navmansa chart as well. Presence of multiple planets, especially Rahu in the 7th house indicates multiple relationships.

If the Lord of 9th house is placed in the 7th house, remarriage as per astrology is possible. The conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 7th house of 9th house also indicates remarriage after divorce as per the astrology.

Marriage Compatibility

If the 7th house Lord or the 9th house Lord is Vargottama, there will be a possibility of remarriage in terms of Vedic astrology. If the 7th house Lord is in a dual sign, then the second marriage is possible. It should be noted that Dasha-Antardasha must support the second or remarriage astrology.

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As per the Vedic Astrology, the 7th house in the horoscope is analyzed for life partner. So, the 4th house counting from 7th house happens to be the 10th house of horoscope which signifies mother-in-law. Accordingly, 4th house signifies father in law and 9th house signifies brother or sister in laws. Also, 8th house signifies the family of the spouse. All the above-mentioned houses are important while analyzing the relationship between marriage problems and in-laws.

Marriage Prediction, Marriage Astrology by Date of Birth - Ask Now

If the houses and their Lords are under afflictions, marriage problems with in-laws will arise. These problems with in-laws also affect the marriage as well. Is it going to be an arranged or love? What are the chances of your love marriage being successful? And why the delay in marriage?

Our team of best astrologers for marriage, trained by Bejan Daruwalla, will answer all your queries. We are here to make your life simple and fun, by giving you accurate marriage prediction through the lens of Astrology. As per Vedic Astrology, the 12 houses of horoscope controls specific areas of our life. The 7th house controls the marriage horoscope. Hence primarily, the analysis of the 7th house and its Lord will help you to get the prediction about your marriage and by what age will you get married.

Also,Venus and Jupiter are prime significators for marriage hence the strength and placement of the significators will also help you know the marriage prospects. The 7th house controls the marriage. If the 7th house and its Lord are under afflictions, there may be a delay in marriage, as per Vedic astrology.

Also, the analysis of Mangal Dosha and Shani Dosha is important in this regard.

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Adding to this, the Dasha period will also help you understand the cause of delays in your marriage. Navmansa analysis is necessary to find the root cause of delay in marriage. The analysis of 7th house house of marriage , 12th house house of foreign Land , 9th house house of luck as well as the 4th house house of own Land and their Lords will help you understand the chances of getting an Indian spouse or a foreign spouse by Vedic Astrology, thus giving you the direction of your marriage in the kundli.

Are you Manglik or not? One can get to know this by the placement of Mars Mangal in your horoscope, which will decide the Mangal Dosha. If Mars is placed in the 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of your chart, it will form the Manglik Dosha.

You can either have a high Mangal Dosha or a low Mangal Dosha, depending on different aspects. So, will you have arranged marriage or love marriage? The analysis of 5th house of love and 7th house house of marriage and their Lords will let you know the type of marriage which you will go through. Also, the placement and relation between Venus and Mars will play an equally important role in deciding whether you will have love or arranged marriage. The analysis of 7th house and its Lord will help you understand the equations of your relationship. The placement of Venus and Jupiter will also have impact on your married life.

If the above mentioned factors are afflicted, you may have dissatisfaction and disruptions in your married life and if severely afflicted, separation or divorce can not be ruled out. If the above mentioned factors are under benefic influences, you can expect harmony and peace in your married life.

Mangal Dosh or Shani Dosh are also important to decide the fate of your married life. Even if your marriage prediction says that you have a Dosha, but the compatibility between you and your life partner is good, you can overcome the problems efficiently. The Dasha periods will also have positive or adverse impact on your married life as per the nature of the ruling planets. Also, the strength of 7th house, its Lord and significators Venus and Jupiter will play equally important role, in the longevity of marriage. The ruling Dasha periods will also have impact on the longevity of your married life.

Obviously, the fate is not at our disposal. Sometimes, we put our heart and soul in our efforts, still the marriage remains a distant dream and the solution for delay in marriage in not answered.

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In such cases, Astrology will help you find the planetary reasons of delay in marriage. Once you find the planetary reasons for delay, it is always better to prevent beforehand. There are ample of remedies for delay in marriage, in Vedic astrology that a proficient astrologer can prescribe.