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Minutes Package is minutes to use or gift a 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions — your choice! Did you know you can upgrade any previously purchased package? Buy The Miracle Minutes Package. Buy The Session Package. A Pack of Three 60 min. This full report is at One Low Price now through December 1, , but will be a subscription in the future :.

This report also covers the move to the Gold Standard. Bring the stars to your e-mailbox. Get news on planetary movement and advice on how to strategize each month. Click the link here to read up on how payments and packages work. For example, I may inform you that IF you were born in the morning, this is the interpretation. If you were born in the evening, this is how it would change.

For a limited time, I will rectify your birth time using JigSaw 2 software to reverse engineer your chart. How is that done?

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JigSaw 2 helps to calculate every event into a database that figures out what time you MUST have been born in order for those events to have happened. It does not matter if your birth certificate is missing OR if you were born in a country that never recorded your birth or birth day! Write this down…the procedure for this accomplishment is important.

We need to schedule a half hour to converse these life events. Younger siblings, residential changes, illnesses, surgeries, accidents, parental events…whatever jumps out of your memory. You need to recall these events and when they happened to as an exact age or date as possible. A memory without your age, year or date is unhelpful. Locations of where events occurred are essential. Expect business hours before I can call you back with your birth time. This excludes time zone differences, already scheduled appointments, American holidays and travel.

I would not be able to get back to you until Sep 3 after I return home. Check with the Events page if time is of the essence. This created hundreds of thousands of birth times recorded as 7am, instead of other times during the night. When time is of the essence, you can have an appointment within business days, excluding holidays, expositions, conferences and scheduled travel dates see Events.

Great astrological timing helps you through any important time. Read the below criteria prior to ordering. For the Highest Priority Account, I only ask for three criteria… 1.

You are already an established client — means that you have already had a Comprehensive Session within the last 3 years. There are never any refunds under any circumstances, and only Only upon my approval may grant a credit of my choosing towards future services or other compensation for scheduling later than your request. Would you like to purchase an Urgent Account?

This is where you have 3 such calls available that meet all the above criteria at a discount from ordering the three sessions individually. Most sessions are too long for car stereo playback. If using a Mac or Windows 7, 8. Horary: 10 Classes for the Beginning Professional. Advanced Astrology by Appointment rectification.

Read the syllabus here. This course of 6 90 minute classes, brings a light hearted vision of how to read an astrological chart. In addition to the basic techniques taught, Larry adds three intensives woven into 6 classes:. This class is offered publicly, on Skype, and privately by appointment only. Your previous payment will be deducted over the phone when you order. This course was presented publicly in April, This course of 8 to 10 90 minute classes, continues the light hearted vision of how to read an astrological chart.

Email for details. Here it is — the definitive look at Solar Fire, the number 1 astrological software available today. This Windows based program is the identical software Larry uses for all of his astrological work. Enjoy hands on opportunities to read charts and look at specific life events.

Astrology of Transformation — Dane Rudhyar. This class is offered publicly, thru Outlook Cloud, on Skype, and privately by appointment only.

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This class is offered publicly, thru Cloud, Skype, and privately by appointment only. This course will be offered again publicly in December, Syllabus Find lost objects, ask oracular questions — nearly every part of life has its origins in thought — and thus, has a birth chart of its own. This is a more advanced course in astrology in an all new format, based on teachings from William Lilly, Anthony Louis and Lee Lehman.

Solar Fire Software is also discounted for all students throughout the course. ALL people who ever ask about a relationship question compatibility. These classes are offered publicly, via Microsoft Cloud, and privately by appointment only.

See email for details and policies at the bottom of this page. This course will be offered publicly in July, This course of 6 Ninety Minute classes, combines history with the true mathematics of astrology. Ah, but the Aspects! This is the science of studying astrological midpoints and pictures that use mathematics to demonstrate astrological relationships. No more wondering which house system to use. Learn how new dwarf planets like Ceres and Eris enhance health and healing through Cosmobiological practices.

Learn to express planetary pictures that describe a person with far more accurately than basic astrology. Classes are offered through correspondence only. Limited 30 minute consultations are included; please ask or waive before classes begin.

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Each one of ten classes will be emailed to you at your own pace. Four semesters over a year introduce you to the work of a professional astrologer. Learning how to help and heal others through this wonderful tool of insight is essential to furthering your education in the consulting field. Delve deeper into the chart with enriched study on intimate relationships, vocational application and powerful problem solving techniques as it applies to the astrological condition.

Enhance what you already know with proven applications that qualify you as a true astrologer. The prerequisite is the successful completion of Astrology 1 thru 3 Course. There is a non-refundable deposit on each quiz taken. Classes are offered in groups and on-line or by appointment only. Email Larimar hotmail.

My students tell me they have never taken classes like these and they find my Astrology One to be quite intensive. This deposit will be credited to you upon payment for any Astrology Study Course with me in the future. Let me know the best date for me to email you the exam. There is no extra fee for the short review consultation. All deposits are non-refundable.

Problems with your recording? Recordings are too long for car stereo playback. PCs should use Win7, Win8. Make sure your speakers are on. In private practice full time since , Larry has lived in a variety of places in the USA. In November of People Magazine asked him to write a new type of astrology column with his success oriented approach.

Hundreds of readers enjoyed the Live Chats and inspiring messages that were part of a daily dose of empowerment. You can now find Larry on both Facebook and Linked In! Current Public Events. Whether you live in Southern Arizona or just enjoying the warm winters, stopping by to visit Larry to receive an astrology introduction. This event blends saving money with saving time. Enjoy a short, 15 minute quick glance or quick question session at the Doubletree by Hilton on Alvernon where Larry will be on hand the first Sunday of each month from 9am to 4pm.

All ages admitted. Join Larry and all his friends as they explore workshops and lectures studying details of world events through ! You can get tickets at www. More details will be posted in the Astrology News click above to receive your copy. Every part of the world is changing. This powerful cosmic event occurs at the same time the Sun crosses the Galactic Center. Jupiter and Saturn leaving Capricorn sign of tradition and conventional thought for Aquarius sign of a new frontier in thinking and communications symbolizes a giant leap into the future for humanity.

It also represents the end of major long-term planetary cycles. A lot has happened in those 20 years. Those conjunctions will now take place in air signs through December 20, Just like , the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction cycle alternated between earth and air before finally settling fully into the air element for the next two centuries. What does it all mean?

It means humanity will be re-imagining its future, and the future of the world. It will not be what we currently imagine. The location of this special event will be the spectacular Westminster Westin, a Marriott Hotel, located midway between Boulder and Denver Colorado about 11 miles from each with impressive views of the Rocky Mountains. But the incredible views are only one reason why this event will set a new standard in astrological conferences. In all, there will be approximately 75 speakers giving over presentations. There will also be several pre- and post-conference workshops, and incredible evening entertainment.

This is one conference you will not want to miss! I will be in attendance, offering discounted chart sessions and recommendations as to which topics you can attend to increase your astrological knowledge. Bookmark adn return back to this page for more details — OR better yet, watch Astrology News where I will post information in the September and October editions of Directions and Details TBA. The WholeExpo features diverse threads of insight and knowledge with the purpose of creating a tapestry of body, spirit, mind, and planet consciousness.

It is our hope to not merely coexist but to live in greater harmony with each other and with the Earth. Details will appear here at the beginning of Looking for a live online astrology reading? Via our online psychic chat rooms you can chat with an online astrologer for free and get a professional astrology reading for answers and guidance. An astrologer is somebody who studies astrology and who is qualified to create professional horoscopes , reports and forecasts.

Astrologers are able to make accurate future predictions and full characteristics reports based on the positions of the planets at the exact time a person was born. We could say an astrologer is able to read the stars. You can have unlimited free chat and even a free astrology reading up to 10 minutes! We offer unlimited free astrology chat. Of course you can also receive professional astrology readings. You can even meet new like-minded people in the spiritual community. During a free astrology chat you can even get some questions answered for free!

Join us now and talk to a live online astrologer immediately! To join our free astrology chat rooms you do not need a credit card.

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But when you do register a credit card you will get 9,99 free credits which you can use for a totally free live astrology reading immediately! No deposit needed! There is no waiting time, you can get your personal astrology reading instantly! Of course, Astrology is very complex because there are hundreds of factors to consider. We know that the planets have a big influence on earth, for example the moon and sun affect the ocean's tides but also other aspects of nature.

It has been said many times "as above, so below" but it does truthfully describe our relationship with the heavens. Planets moving in different patterns through our solar system bring forth a certain energy that widely affects human beings. Every planet sends off a different vibrational energy which impacts our behavior and outside influences that can change the course of our life.

That is why astrologers can guide us in different personal areas including romance, friendship, money, work and home using the position of the planets at a certain moment in time. To be considered a professional astrologer one is required to possess official documents and diploma's. Good mathematical skills are key in becoming a professional astrologer that is able to make accurate forecasts. Part of an astrologers work is to guide you and help you understand better what it means for you when particular planets are in your sun or ascendant sign or form an alignment with other celestial bodies.

Astrologers can advise you about future opportunities or upcoming challenges and give you tips on how to reach your full potential by minimizing negative energies and enhancing the positive.